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Susan Shockett BCSI CPT LMT

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About Susan

Susan's private practice is located in Manhattan. Her clients include artists, athletes, yogis, and business professionals. A cross-sport athlete and former violinist with a previous career in social science and market research, Susan brings to bear a wealth of experience to help clients overcome limitations of strain patterns and injuries. With a unique combination of skill, sensitivity and creativity, she helps her clients feel their best and enjoy active, healthy lives.

About the Work

Susan’s hands-on work is customized to individual needs, ranging from deep tissue to more subtle and gentle techniques. Her manual therapy approach is informed by advanced training in Western and Eastern Massage Therapy and the Dr. Ida P. Rolf Method of Structural Integration. Benefits include:

  • Reduced pain and strain
  • Improved posture and alignment
  • Greater ease and freedom of movement

Service Options

Structural Integration 10-Session Series or Individual Session

Therapeutic Massage: Deep Tissue, Orthopedic or Pre-Natal

Movement Therapy for Kids

Holistic Health Coaching

Gift Cards available

Corporate Wellness Program

Scheduling & Rates

See 'Schedule Now' (also above) for service rates & descriptions

Gratuity not expected. Referrals and reviews appreciated!

Email or call with questions: susan@nycbodyworks.com

Recent Publications

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  • Brooklyn College, MS Exercise Science, 2019
  • The School of Integrative Therapies
  • The Swedish Institute
  • Columbia University

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